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FOnline Engine

Flexible cross-platform isometric game engine

FOnline Engine Tutorial

Document under development.
Estimated finishing date is middle of 2021.

Table of Content

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There are four levels for control build process:
Visual Studio extension -> Build scripts -> CMake build tool -> Native build tool

Visual Studio extension

In editor go to the Extensions tab and then find and install ‘FOnline’ extension.
Extension activates automatically when editor finds any file that contains fonline in name of any file at workspace root.

Lets see on image what this extension included:
VSCode Example

All other features come with stocked Visual Studio Code editor.
You are free to install and tune your editor instance as you wish.

Build scripts

CMake build tool

Native build tool

Commonly is Visual Studio under Windows platform and Makefiles under Linux.

Build automation


How to choose language for scripting

…languages pros and cons…

Native C++


Mono C#

Video tutorials