Work in progress

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FOnline Engine

Engine currently in unusable state due to heavy refactoring.
Estimated finishing date is middle of this year.

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Friendly engine for fallout-like isometric games for develop/play alone or with friends.



Simplest way is:

And two videos to who don’t like to google:
FOnline History Last Frontier

Work in progress

Bugs, performance cases and feature requests see at Issues page.

Some major issues (that I work currently)

Some minor issues

Code refactoring plans

Repository structure

Clone / Build / Setup

You can build project by sh/bat script or directly use CMake generator.
In any way first you must install CMake version equal or higher then 3.6.3.
Information about build scripts you can find at BuildScripts/
All output binaries you can find in Build/Binaries directory.

Third-party packages

Help and support